Deans Blinds and Sunglasses, the perfect combination!

The provision of shade and solar control is becoming ever more important. According to Government statements heat gain, as a consequence of global warming in both commercial and domestic buildings, will increasingly become a health hazard. Providing shade and reducing solar control need not be confined to modern systems and the Victorians were aware of the need for shade in their high street shops long before discussions about melting polar caps and reduced ozone layers became headline news. The solution for nineteenth century shopkeepers was provided by the traditional shop blind on which Deans Blinds of Putney founded their business.

The company still make these awnings in basically the same today way but with small changes to take advantage of the availability of more robust and sustainable component parts and finishes.  

These six shop blinds, recently installed at the Flagship Sunglass Hut on Oxford Street, not only provide shade but also signage. The main covers have been branded through the use of our RAGS® Graphic process to give sharp, bold, Sunglass Hut logos in the classic yellow/orange synonymous with the business. 

Sunglass Hut is recognised as a global leader in specialty sun retailing and is the premier destination for exclusive styles and top brands including Ray Ban, Prada, Chanel, D&G, Oakley and Persol. From classic styles to the latest trends, Sunglass Hut is a favourite place to buy sunglasses with helpful and courteous staff who is always willing to advise and assist to make a right choice for you at very competitive prices.

Oxford Street was, a Roman road between Essex and Hampshire via London. At one time it was known as Tyburn Road, a name familiar to London historical aficionados as the route by which prisoners were taken to the infamous Tyburn Gallows; there to meet their fate and provide ghoulish entertainment to the masses at the public hangings. The street suffered heavy bombing during World War II, and several longstanding stores including John Lewis were completely destroyed and had to be rebuilt from scratch.

Any clichés about Deans Blinds and Sunglass Hut combinations have been carefully avoided in this article, except in the title of course!

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Deans Shop Blind Sunglass Hut with branding
Deans Shop Blind Sunglass Hut