Corporate imaging with awning branding

Corporate image is important to all businesses, large and small, so consistency of design and colour is paramount. At Deans we acknowledge the importance of this fact and endeavour to always replicate client colours and logos precisely on awnings which we supply. Branding is particularly important to corporate clients and our unique RAGS® system of graphics application is a key vehicle we use to ensure continuity of design and accurate colour representation on all of our commercial awning installations.

Using the Deans  branding process enables businesses to express their very own style. No longer need businesses be confined to simple text branding on their awnings. The  RAGS®  branding process, in combination with our sophisticated CAD design programmes, can now also be extended to producing graphics which cover the whole awning cover giving customers the option of having bespoke business branding entirely unique to them.

Whilst these hi-tec graphics developments have permitted us to replicate the most complex logos we have not overlooked our traditional roots and continue to offer 23 carat Gold leaf application where total exclusivity is demanded by a particular type of business who’s products are associated with luxury brands such as jewellery, fashion and fine dining. The ravages of age and the environment will never dim the shine of genuine gold leaf.

Branding awnings Mimi
Branding – Mimi Holiday
Branding awnings Gazelli
Branding awnings Gazelli

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