Commercial Dutch canopy

The commercial Dutch canopy  is an  inexpensive shop canopy option seen frequently seen on Britain’s shops and, apart from its obvious ability to provide shade, the Dutch canopy or Dutch blind  is also a perfect three dimensional sign when graphically decorated.

The Dutch shop canopy or Dutch blind is made from aluminium profile into which is inserted a nylon insert and the cover is skilfully stapled onto this framework to give it the distinctive quadrant shape.

In fact shape of the Dutch shop canopy blind is by no means limited to the traditional quadrant and triangular, boxed, semi-circles and all manner of other shapes are possible.

Graphic decoration can be applied by hand, with pressure sensitive films or even in 24 carat gold leaf depending upon the substrate used and the desired effect.

Deans graphics are produced by our in-house graphics department  using the latest computer imaging equipment ensuring accurate graphical reproduction.

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