Classic original shop blinds for Mikkeller

Deans original shop blinds have been made in virtually  the same way they have since we started back in 1894. However, today we are able to take advantage of some modern technology without compromising the traditional  look of Deans original shop blinds which our clients value so much . The hard wood awning box front lath and cover tacker  are all carefully hand painted, as it was back then, except now we use environmentally sound water-based paint rather than the rather unpleasant lead based variety used previously. The metal work of Deans traditional shop blinds  is also treated differently and we take advantage of our very own powder coating plant to finish this part of the awning in a high impact, durable, blemish free way.  Customers have a vast range of over 300 fabric colours to choose from which are all are treated to be soil and UV resistant.

Mikkeller Brewpub London is a microbrewery owned and operated by Mikkeller, in collaboration with popular ballad singer with Rick Astley. A year ago, Danish brewers Mikkeller caused quite the stir when they opened a bar in Hackney now they have created  that same buzz with their second collaboration in Exmouth Market. It has now had a full makeover which has enabled them to incorporate a proper restaurant. The two-floor brewpub has 18 beers on tap alongside an on-tap cocktail and wine.

Exmouth Market previously held a reputation as a run down and seedy part of Central London. Since the mid-to-late nineties the street has undergone a steady regeneration, and Exmouth Market is now home to a large number of restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as independent book, record and gift shops, a range of design and architecture companies  A distinguishing feature of the area is that nearly every restaurant, cafe and bar in the street offer outside seating and cover, which is uncommon for suburban London outside of High Street areas – this has created a sidewalk cafe ambiance.