Classic electric commercial awning

Classic electric commercial awning installed at the Tannin and Oak wine specialist in West End Lane, North London,  is a German awning system manufactured to full TüV assembled at our factory in London and installed by our own Deans skilled site installers. The  Classic electric commercial awning is assembled from maintenance free, powder coated, aluminium and is usually operated remotely via a wireless switch, though hardwired alternatives are available.  The aptly chosen burgundy coloured fabric has graphics announcing the retailers name picked out distinctly in pale grey contrasts with the clean, powder coated, framework. Electric control can be enhanced by the use of  an anemometer to give added protection in the case of high winds. All awnings should be retracted in inclement weather.

Tannin and Oak  are committed to selling wines that they believe in and have taken great pleasure in selecting, after vigorous and ruthless tastings. Their policy is to offer customers what they do themselves and truly enjoy. They choose producers who share the same principles as they do and that is, to make quality wine; it starts in the vineyard! Tannin and Oak also host friendly gatherings in-house where people come to enjoy a glass of wine with some cheese or charcuterie. Guests are welcome to come in and browse, taste some wine and chat about vino, with no obligation to purchasing anything.

The village of West End and West End Lane is an area, known as “le Rudyng” (meaning a woodland clearing) in the mid-13th century, had by 1534 come to be called West End. It was then a freehold estate belonging to Kilburn Priory, and was so called because it was at the west end of another, larger estate. Although it is possible that there was a dwelling on the estate prior to 1244, an estate house was certainly extant by 1646. West End Lane (named as such by 1644) is still bent at a right-angle at the north and south ends where it connects to Finchley Road and Edgware Road respectively. This is because the lane used to form the boundary between a number of different estates.