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Awning design for shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and hotels


Branded awning solutions by Deans

Awning design is a central part of the process in manufacturing a commercial awning or canopy. Whether the branded awning is for a flagship store, shop, restaurant, pub or bar, it’s important that the frontage of any high street location is presented in a stylishly and promotes your brand positively.

Producing a well designed awning relies on a number of factors, these factors include a visually strong design, a design that adheres to your brand guidelines and brand messaging. The awning also needs to create kerb appeal, in terms of how it looks to potential customers at street level.

Deans in-house design team know exactly what it takes to produce the perfect awning design. Our team can either work independently or they can collaborate with a client or a client’s design team. For clients with a UK-wide operation with multiple locations, our team have the experience to ensure all brand criteria is met for each new awning to ensure brand consistency across all stores or outlets.

There are a number of physical elements within an awning design, these include the colour of fabric, wood and metalwork, the type of awning or canopy you select, as well as the choice of accessories, such as valances or finials. There is also the added option of our RAGS® Branding system, which allows your awning fabric to be covered in a unique pattern or design, allowing for total design freedom.

Awning design is a key part of the manufacturing process

At Deans, we have all the necessary expertise in all areas of awning production. Our aim is to produce a quality commercial awning that showcases your brand.

The design stage of the process begins once all the detailed measurements have been taken including any structural or architectural considerations. From this information, we will produce the initial designs that will be presented to the client. If requested, we can also produce 3-D renders. Our team can either work from a brief or independently. They have a wealth of experience in producing well-branded solution that work beautifully on all levels.

The final phase of the design process is implementation. Our production team will use the final signed off drawings to produce the finished product ensuring that it matches the design specifications. Within the specifications all colours and graphics will be specified, along with preferred accessories and finishes.

Awning design – 6 key considerations to create the perfect branded awning

Branded Awnings by Deans for The Brigade

1. Design Process

Deans in-house design team can work from a client’s brief or they can collaborate with a client’s designers. Our team will use the measurements and structural details taken from the site visit to produce visuals. The visuals will be presented to clients and fine-tuned until they are signed off for production.

Branded Awnings by Deans for Hopper & Bean

2. Styling

There are a few elements to the styling of an awning. Firstly, there is the requirement to work with the brand guidelines or branding. The other key factors in styling is the choice of awning, the colour of the cloth, woodwork and metalwork and lastly there are the additional options, such as valances and finials which have have a strong visual impact.

3. RAGS® Branding

RAGS® Branding is Deans proprietary printing system that allows us to cover your canvas with a unique design. Using Deans system means there are no limits to your design ambition. If you want say a floral background or a photographic print, the RAGS system can turn your artwork into a beautiful piece of awning art.

4. Brand Consistency

Deans have a long history of working with high profile clients who have a UK-wide operation. These clients are well known High Street brands and rely on consistent branding to replicated across all their locations. To facilitate this does require both expertise and an experienced team who can deliver expected excellence to all locations.

5. Accessories

Your awning or canopy design has many options for customisation. A valance is both stylish and practical as it gives excellent branding space at eye level. Your awning design can also be embellished by finials. Awnings and finials both come in many different styles and are the perfect finishing touch.

Branded awnings by Deans for The Expresso Room

6. Collaboration

Deans design team have a wealth of experience and can collaborate with a client’s design team or with architects. Our main aim is to produce the best possible awning that is both practical and brand enhancing. Our design team can provide advice where needed, as well as provide options and alternatives.

Featured Awning Design Project

Did you know Deans manufactured the first ever commercial awning in 1894

John Dean founded Deans Awnings in the 1890s. He pioneered the original commercial awning design, the Deans Awning, which has continued to maintain its popularity for 130 years. The Deans Awning was an instant success with traders and retailers and the design has remained with only changes to materials and finishes.

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