A 110-Year-Old Shop Awning Renovation

In 1910, Deans Blinds received an order from a shop in Folkestone, Kent. The order was for two awnings and they were delivered and fitted later that year. 110 years later, the same shop contacted Deans Blinds again. This time they wanted their awnings renovated. Extraordinarily, both companies were still in business and we at Deans Blinds were of course happy to help.

At Deans Blinds we offer an extensive repair and renovation service. With our expertise, we can bring many used and worn-out awnings back to new life. Many times, awnings are possible to repair rather than to replace. When that is not the case, however, we are always able to recreate awnings with our bespoke services and wide range of products.

In the above photo, Dean Richardson, the current owner of the shop in Folkstone, can be seen. Dean reached out to us to let us know how satisfied he was with his new awning installation. We, of course, agree with Dean and think his awnings look great.

The awnings are of the Victorian model and is an awning we have installed on many older and historical buildings. Its high quality and enduring design is why it is a shop awning that has stood the test of time. Just as the Victorian awning, we at Deans Blinds and Deans shop in Folkstone are happy to still be going strong. Here is to another 110 years.

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shop awning
Shop awning in Folkestone, Kent.
shop awning
Shop front in Folkestone, Kent.