125 years of quality without question

Over the past 125 years since Deans have been making and installing awnings every now and then something pops up to remind us of how just how far back our story goes. For example being reminded how Mr John Dean, our founder, took over Fulham Football club at the turn of the last Century and won the Football league trophies in 1906/07. Then in 1919 we were a Founder Members of the British Blinds and Shutters Association, which is still doing great work for the Industry today. During World War 2 we produced thousands of blackout blinds to protect our cities during the blitz. Then there have been smaller snippets to remind us of just how long we have been here; such as when Colin Day, half of the Allisons duo who finished second in the Eurovision song contest of 1961 with their song “Are You Sure”, brought his guitar in to the office. The guitar was concealed in a canvas cover which he made from awning material given to him by us back when they started. The most recent reminder of our heritage, seen here,  came just last week in the form of a letter written in 1939 by a Mr Theobald of our Cardiff Branch to “whom it may concern” as an endorsement of the skill and integrity of a craftsman, a Mr C Union – a “skilled machinist and sail maker”. We are grateful to Mr David Union  for this letter which concerns his father.

These little reminders of our history continue to pop up from time to time and it always is a pleasure both to receive them and to share  them.

However, today, Deans are about much more than nostalgia; our 125 years of experience has given us the ability to install maintain and renovate awnings and blinds of all types; from the traditional Victorian shop blinds right up to the latest remotely controlled automated systems of solar control of the 21st Century. Modern technology and communication means that Deans now install systems across the whole UK and beyond. In-house design and engineering facilities with full CGI and CAD support enable us to create bespoke technical solutions.  Finally, the unique RAGS® branding process and in house powder coating plant means that no complex graphics or non-standard frame colour is beyond our ability to replicate.