Wedge canopies for Waitrose

Wedge canopies are a modern design of commercial canopy benefitting from a rigid structure and the opportunity for simple, yet clear, branding on the flat surfaces and valance, when specified. The special construction method  we employ in the manufacture or wedge canopies is based on our RIB® system of manufacture which is unique to us. The extreme rigidity of the RIB® wedge canopy is made possible by the incorporation of  light weight aluminium profiles fitted together without the use of degradable plastic parts; the construction ensures exceptional resistance to weathering. Further, the RIB® manufacturing system gives our fabric wedge canopie covers an exceptionally high tension which ensures the client branding is presented in a bold manner thereby resisting  the accumulation of dust and dirt.

In the case of the wedge canopies installed at the Waitrose and Partners store in Belgravia we have been required to apply graphics to a very precise palette of colours. The colours had to be accurate and the geometric stripes, apparently at random, are to a very specific set of dimensions and this was achieved by the incorporation of our very own RAGS® branding process which ensure a clarity of design unobtainable with  other systems.

Waitrose opened its Belgravia branch  in June 2018 incorporating some of the most forward-looking ideas of any specialist food shop in the country. In an area in which 75 percent of the local residents are classed as ‘stylish singles’, fine wines and caviar are high on the list when stocking the shelves. The store is a feat of modern design and technology standing inside an 180-year-old building in Motcomb Street, close to Hyde Park on the Duke of Westminster’s vast Grosvenor Estate.

Although the Grosvenor Group is often identified with its core asset, the Grosvenor Estate in London, which is now managed within Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, the present-day investment and development portfolio is now also in other parts of Britain and Ireland. International expansion began in the 1950s, in Canada, and later in the United States. Today this extends to into Europe, Australia and the Asia Pacific.