Traditional Residential Awnings

Traditional residential awnings is a phrase which can almost be seen as an anachronism in these times of automation and remote control. However, at Deans we retain the skills and expertise to provide awnings of a traditional nature but with a modern twist. Traditional residential awnings of the type shown in these examples may today be fitted with remote wireless switching and even sensory devices to open or close the awning dependent upon the ambient weather conditions.

Of course, for those wishing to immerse themselves entirely in the traditional spirit, or where listed building regulations dictate, we are able to manufacture and install traditional residential awnings in the exact manner they were in previous centuries. When manufacturing Victorian awnings in the original style we construct the awning boxes and laths  from harvested hardwood, sourced only from licensed timber merchants. The timber is hand crafted in our joinery shop then sanded and hand painted with a durable water based paint to present a high quality finish.

The iron work on our Victorian awnings is formed into their special shapes dictated by installation and powder coated in our own plant to provide a robust and long lasting finish.

Since the late 1800s Deans have been manufacturing awnings and blinds to the very highest standards and in this one respect nothing has changed. We retain all the skills of our predecessors but combine these with modern, up to date and, crucially, environmentally sound raw materials and manufacturing methods.

All Deans awnings are installed by our own fitters who will have undertaken appropriate structured in-house and manufacturer based training on all aspects of their work so you can be confident that your awning has been installed safely and securely. Deans are also founder members of the British Blinds and Shutters Association and are committed to the Code of Practice.