Traditional Deans Shop Blinds for Joe & The Juice

Deans are an awning manufacturer in the truest sense in that we source, cut and assemble all the components which make up our famous Deans shop blinds. The hard wood timbers are from registered harvested sources and iron and steel work is formed and painted in our own powder coating plant. The Deans traditional commercial shop blind has been made in pretty much the same way since we first started back in the late nineteenth century. However, today we are able to take advantage of some modern technology without compromising the traditional look which our clients value.

The hard wood awning boxing and front lath is carefully hand painted, as it was back then, but now we use environmentally sound water-based paint rather than the lead based variety used by our forebears back in the 1800s. 150 years ago our customers could choose from a fabric range of just one – white cotton “duck” canvas but today there are over 300 shades to choose from in our huge range of UV and soil resistant bespoke awning fabrics. 

These five traditional Deans Shop Blinds have been recently installed by us a the new Joe & The Juice cafe in Kensington and the low fixing height has required our workshop to fabricate specially long slides. These vertical slides, which can be seen at the side of each awning, cleverly permit an horizontal extension sufficient to cover patrons who may want to take their refreshment in the open air whilst enjoying the traditional British pastime of people watching.

Joe & The Juice is a chain of juice bars and coffee shops around the world. As of 2019 it has over 300 locations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The restaurants serve predominantly coffee, juice, and sandwiches.

Deans shop blind
Joe & The Juice – Kensington – shop blind 02
Joe & The Juice - Kensington - shop blind
Joe & The Juice – Kensington – shop blind

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