Traditional Deans awning for Trove

This Traditional Deans awning, installed at Trove on the Golborne Road, Notting Hill, fits in with the shop front in an unobtrusive way. With its recessed hardwood box painted to match the shopfront and even the arms, powder coated by us in our own facility, it has been colour matched to provide an  aspect of quiet sophistication. With a cream colour fabric to nicely set off the soft appearance, even the lazy, scalloped traditional valance brings harmony to the whole. Traditional Deans awnings have been a staple of our manufacture since the late nineteenth century and we still produce them in the same way we did all those years ago but with the advantage of being able to use more robust components and significantly more environmentally sensitive coatings. Our Traditional Deans awnings are installed by skilled technicians who work to highest standards of Health and Safety, which is essential when working in any public space today.

Trove, is a newly launched home and lifestyle brand, designed and curated by the Interior Design firm Studio Duggan. Working on only a handful of full service design projects at a time, Studio Duggan frequently fields enquiries about where they source furnishings for private clients. Their debut bedroom collection embodies Studio Duggan signature style – with a nomadic, yet timeless sensibility and an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship which is now available to purchase on line or from this new showroom in Notting Hill.

Historically this area of Notting Hill’s northern corner has changed dramatically over its history. The area was part of the Great Forest of Middlesex and in 1543 the land was seized by Henry VIII but by the 18th century Golborne was farmland; very different from how you see it today. Golborne Road was named after Dean Golbourne, at one time vicar of St. John’s Church in Paddington. Until the middle of the 19th century, it was no more than a country footpath crossing the fields of Portobello Farm, but in 1870 the road was widened, shops were built and the road was extended over the railway.