Traditional awning installation at Hopper and Bean

Traditional awning wooden boxes and laths were originally all painted in one colour, and this is noted in our old invoice and quotation books from the late 1800’s, as “purple brown”. We have no idea what this colour looked like but it certainly does not sound terribly exciting. In addition to this all the fabric covers were in the same white cotton “duck” canvas and all text would have been, as Henry Ford may have said, “in any colour provided it is black. Today, as the vibrant yellow of the Hopper and Bean traditional awning clearly shows, purple brown has been consigned to the history books and customers can now choose from any one of over 300 colours of fabric. Additionally,  the black text of the 1890’s can now be in any Pantone referenced colour and the logo itself may be as complex and detailed as you can imagination, through the application  of our exclusive RAGS® branding process.

Hopper and Bean is an independent family-run café serving the best speciality coffee, loose leaf tea, cakes and a unique brunch menu in Winchmore Hill and Muswell Hill. Inspired by cafés from around the world, Hopper & Bean was created to bring an eclectic space to Winchmore Hill serving every type of customer. Along with great food, the restaurant aims to create a communal environment. where people can work, meet friends and family, enjoy great coffee and light meals.

Winchmore Hill has undergone a plethora of name changes which depended upon the local dialect at the time. The earliest recorded mention of Winchmore Hill is in a deed dated A.D. 1319 in which it is spelt Wynsemerhull. In Old English, ‘merhull’ is said to translate as ‘boundary hill’. It is speculated that this could mean ‘Wynsige’s boundary hill’. By 1395 the name had been altered to Wynsmerhull and by 1565 the village was known as Wynsmorehyll, becoming Winchmore Hill by the time it was mentioned in state papers in 1586. Today Winchmore Hill is an up market area of shops and restaurants and the home to numerous celebrities and the wealthy.