The Deans Greenwich Awnings® – Traditional lines with a modern twist

The Deans Greenwich Awnings® is manufactured entirely in our London factory and is specified for use where there is a requirement for a traditional look awning but with modern control options. The simplicity of the design means that the Greenwich awning is of  robust construction yet our careful use of modern materials prevents the more cumbersome look of some other pivoting awnings.

On new-build sites the Greenwich Awnings® comes into its own as it can be fitted into a pre-constructed recess making for a very neat installation; recess specifications are available on request. The remote electric operation option  means that power supply can also be neatly integrated at this early stage. For existing properties the awning may be securely face fitted with robust, neat, brackets  and all parts and profiles can be powder coated in our works to match any surrounds.

The features and benefits of the Greenwich Awnings® are best summed up in these bullet points:

Lightweight front profile for ease of operation

No side support chains giving a cleaner aspect

Optional valance in four styles with possibility for graphic application

Recess fitting or customised awning boxes can be specified

Frame can be powder coated to any RAL colour

252 fabric colourways available or special match on request

Units available up to 6.5met wide with up to 3met extension

More information on the Greenwich can be seen here (Link)

The Greenwich Awnings® can be seen on many exclusive premises around London and a number of these are shown alongside