ITSU choose Deans blinds for their awnings

Corporate image is important to all businesses, large and small so consistency of design and colour is paramount. At Deans we acknowledge the importance of this fact and endeavour to always replicate client colours and logos precisely . This awning at Itsu is a prime example of how we have specially made the bright pink fabric of the logo and contrasted it with a the solid black of the main cover. The ITSU graphic sits boldly and proudly on the main cover and valance having been expertly applied by our in house graphics department.  Deans are proud to have been associated with Itsu for many years and list the organisation among its many well known long term clients.

Since 1997 Itsu has made light, nutritious dishes, a great deal of them being  under 500 calories. The Itsu philosophy  is ‘fresh not fried’ and all Itsu food is prepared on the premises.  Steamed vegetables, fresh fish, brown rice dishes, noodles and pot’soups are freshly prepared for eating in or  taking away.

Hanover Square was developed from 1713 as a fashionable residential address by Richard Lumley, 1st Earl of Scarborough, a soldier and statesman best known for his role in the so called “Glorious Revolution”. Most of the early residents of the square  were staunch supporters of the Hanoverian succession of 1714, hence the name of course. Famous people who have lived in Hanover square include Lord Cardigan, who’s main key to fame was charging the guns at Sebastopol during the Crimean war and getting most of the Light Cavalry killed in the process. Being a favourite of Queen Victoria greatly helped his swerving from any subsequent blame and he would no doubt have bristled his plentiful whiskers at any suggestion otherwise.