Skylight lantern blinds for more light but less heat

Skylight lantern blinds are increasingly being included in house renovations, refurbishments and extensions. These  have become more popular over the last few years;   home owners are trying to create more living space in their homes. Larger Kitchens, Family Rooms and open plan living are being favoured.  Many of these extensions are very modern in design incorporating cool, clean, crisp lines, sharp kitchens with the mix of comfy sofas and possibly a wall mounted TV. They really are rooms for the whole family to enjoy and spend time together.

The skylight lantern can be integral to  this build and the  skylight or roof lantern, may be raised from the standard roof height or it can be flat. Always designed to maximise the amount of light coming into the room producing an ambience of  space and openness., Skylight lantern blinds can  completely change a room and always produce a pleasing outlook, even at night.

For privacy and for solar control one of Deans Skylight lantern blind systems can offer practical advantages in addition to the aesthetic ones. Automatic controls mean that that operation is as simple as pressing a button and modern automatic controls can be built into most central activation software.

The skylight lantern blinds may be opaque, when privacy is the primary criteria, or one of our  solar screen fabrics may be selected and these are available in a number of densities to provide the desired level of solar control.

If you are considering having a skylight lantern installed it is advisable to contact us early so that any wiring requirements can be integrated into the building substrate rather than being surface mounted afterwards.