Royal Exchange bespoke heritage awnings

Having been appointed nearly two years ago to become part of a restoration project for the iconic Royal Exchange building in the heart of London our part of this restoration is finally complete after thirty nine weeks of involvement. Working alongside the client’s Designers, Architects and Project Managers;  Deans own production Team have worked tirelessly to produce and install 39 individually bespoke traditional awnings which are situated on each separate shopfront.

One of the most challenging parts of this programme was that the awnings should all have an externally consistent appearance despite the substrate of each shopfront varying  due to the antiquity of the building.  This presented us with a puzzle which required imagination and ingenuity on the part of our own designers to solve. After much consideration and consultation it became clear that the use of standard awning arms was not going to meet the criteria and eventually it became obvious it would be necessary to design and manufacture seventeen different styles of arms to achieve the final cohesive result which can be seen in the images shown here.

The 39 bespoke awnings have been  installed with a specially commissioned soil and UV resistant awning fabric which, not only has had to be produced in a client unique colourway but, in order not to adversely impact on window displays, we have applied a neutral opaque shade to the reverse of the fabric through the use of our RAGSĀ® graphic application process.

Finally, subtle branding has been applied to each awning, using the same RAGSĀ® method giving individuallity to each tenant whilst retaining the overall building conformity.

After leading the awning industry for almost nearly 150 years Deans continue to forge a path of ingenuity and  imagination in order to meet the requirements of clients who themselves are constantly looking for something different . However, we do not lose site of the need to temper this ingenuity with respect for the traditional nature of so many of our buildings and endeavour at all times to sympathetically respect  their heritage.

Heritage awnings Royal Exchange
Heritage awnings Royal Exchange
Heritage awnings Royal Exchange

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