Rib® Wedge canopies at Signorelli

Five RIB® Wedge canopies have been installed by us at Signorelli in the East Village, East London. Of particular note with this RIB® Wedge canopy installation is the precise way that the canopies have been  fitted within the window reveals, creating an uncluttered appearance in tune with the sophistication of the Signorelli business. The way in which our unique RIB® Wedge canopies are constructed means that there are no unsightly tapes or other fixings to the external edges of the canopies which results in the perfectly clean lines you can see here.  The all aluminium framework has been powder coated in our own works to provide a rigid, robust, structure which endorses our environmental commitment in that no plastic parts are used in the frame construction.

The RIB® Wedge canopy over the entrance has been further enhanced with the application of the Signorelli graphic which has been applied using our own RAGS® branding process which ensure close adherence to client logo specification and a sharpness of line which is impossible to replicate using old fashioned sign writing methods.

All of Signorelli’s  food is made from scratch; they know what’s in everything they make. If it’s not an ingredient that the owners can find in their pantry or if it’s something that’s overly processed they won’t serve it. Simplicity is key for the bakery  and great quality raw ingredients are used to create the most amazing flavour combinations. The recipes keep evolving; responding to new nutrition guidelines and trends but always sticking to their Italian roots to balance delicate sweet and savoury food.

Named “London’s Hippest Postcode”, East Village is a vibrant neighbourhood attracting people of all ages and interests to our corner of East London with its unique offering of retailers, exciting events, and great community activities. Nearly 6,000 people – and 23 retailers – now call East Village home, and over the coming years it’s set to grow further. Ever increasing new developments will bring further regeneration, more residents, additional retail and commercial space and an even greater buzz to this growing neighbourhood.

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