Rib® Wedge canopies at La Gelatiera

RIB® Wedge canopies by Deans have a simple yet stylish look and can be of simple single element construction or, as here at  La Gelatiera in East walk of custom bespoke design. In this case we have specially constructed the RIB® wedge canopies to extend around the building in an almost trans-Atlantic style which complements the pure, modern aesthetic of the building on which they are located. The unusual ice cream pink shade of awning fabric has been tightly stretched on to the canopy frame which has, in turn,  been powdered coated at our own London facility in matching pink.

The framework of our  RIB® Wedge canopies is constructed entirely from aluminium and avoidance of the use of plastic means that, environmentally, the product is entirely sympathetic with modern thinking. The main cover and fixed valance section of the canopy has been modestly decorated, through the use of our bespoke RAGS® branding system, to give the canopy a corporate flourish to the overall La Gelatiera frontage.

La Gelatiera is home to London’s finest artisan gelato. The unsurpassed quality of their gelato is a result of our carefully chosen ingredients, genuine craftsmanship, and the science and creativity of maestro and co-owner Antonio. To ensure freshness and quality, their gelato is made fresh daily on the premises, in small batches. Only the best seasonal ingredients are used to create unique flavours of gelati and sorbets never tasted before in London.

East Village is a housing development in Stratford, East London that was designed and constructed as the Olympic Village of the 2012 Summer Olympics and has been converted for use as a new residential district, complete with independent shops, bars and restaurants.

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