RIB® Bespoke Umbrella canopy

This bespoke RIB® umbrella style canopy at Dawkes Music in Maidenhead is significant – not only for its large size – over nine meters long. It is the fact that the exceptional length meant that the canopy  had to be constructed in three separate sections, for transport, and reassembled on site prior to installation. Deans RIB® system of canopy construction is from all aluminium framework and we use no plastics based materials which can weaken the structure and of, course, would be environmentally less sensitive.

Bespoke products are a particular speciality of Deans and our in-house Design Team are able to create accurate renderings of the proposed project before and assembly starts. Once the design has been created and then the specification confirmed with the client our expert production staff are tasked with turning the  project into a real product.

Once this particular canopy was constructed it was  broken down into sections and transported to site for re-assembly and installation which was carried out to our usual  exacting standards. For this project there were additional complications due to the fact that we had to incorporate a linking system whereby the canopy could be re-assembled and installed, after which it appeared as the one piece canopy is seen  in the images.

Dawkes Music are exclusively Woodwind & Brass. Operating from a 6800 sq ft retail unit in Maidenhead, they have large  stocks of Woodwind and Brass instruments available for  competitive prices. Our experienced Team includes instrument repair specialists, professional  players and knowledgeable instrument consultants. Established for over 50 years, Dawkes  aim to bring a truly unique buying experience; with a comprehensive stock choice, competitive prices and friendly professional advice and service.

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Bespoke canopy at Dawkes