Markilux 1700

The Markilux Stretch awning system allows you to have a budget patio  awning with a large extension even when there is limited width available – the awning can be up to 4.10 meters wide with up to 4.00 meters extension.

With 400 cm maximum projection it is really stunning that markilux 1600 can offer a width up to 710 cm. The strong double steel-link chain and powerful arms are base for that – and for a perfectly taut cover.

The famous IF product design award was also granted for the elegant aluminium front profile that closes into the awning´s cover board – fitted with a brush for removing dirt and debris as the awning is being retracted. 

To avoid any gap between cover board and front, it automatically adapts to the awning´s pitch. And of course: there are numberless possibilities to combine frame colours and fabrics.

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