Recessed SQ2 Awnings for Kachori Restaurant, Elephant and Castle, London

These 3 SQ2 awnings at Kachori, the popular Elephant and Castle, London Indian restaurant, were in desperate need of some TLC (Tender Loving Care). We were asked to return them to their former glory without incurring the cost of complete replacement. After a careful survey, it was clear the SQ2 awnings required new covers and maintenance work, which was well within the scope of our expert engineers.

The recovering of awnings should not be considered lightly as there are many different types of awnings. It is only by employing an experienced awning installer, like Deans, that this work can be undertaken effectively and safely.

We were able to complete the refurbishment of the awnings in time for the official opening of the restaurant. The SQ2 awnings now boast smart, grey, covers to match the modern shopfront. The SQ2 awnings are electrically operated via remote switching, and our engineers checked all connections for safety and function as a matter of course.

Recovers & Refurbishment
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