RAGS® branding on Deans Traditional Awning in Hotel Night Club

RAGS® branding has been used to apply the amusing Tonteria logo on the  two Traditional Deans Awnings we have recently installed at the Tonteria Night Club in the Knightsbridge,  Sloane Square Hotel. RAGS® is a system of graphics branding we have developed at our London facility which enables us to replicate the most complex logos or complete cover designs in a faithful representation of the client style. The RAGS® graphic here depicts the bizarre top hat of Tonteria and has been applied to the covers of our Traditional Deans awnings. These traditional awnings comprise hardwood awning boxes which have been painted with, environmentally safe, water based paints and the iron work has all been powder coated in a high impact polyester finish.  The fabric covers are treated to be both UV and soil resistant in order to deal with our inclement weather conditions. At Deans we are also able to offer, at modest cost, a rendering service which will enable you to gain an insight into the final look of your awnings before placing the order.

Despite being over 5,000 miles away from Mexico, Tonteria pride themselves in offering a modern and fresh twist to the authentic Mexican and South American street food. They believe their tapas and ambient atmosphere reflects the Mexican culture of great music, friendliness and vibrant sceneries. They are passionate about Tequila and love to pair their dishes with a wide variety of Tequilas, famous Frozen Margaritas and sharing cocktails. Tonteria has also established itself as one of London’s most prominent and recognised nightclubs, having hosted parties for the likes of HRH Prince Harry and Leonardo Di Caprio to name a couple.

Located in Sloane Square, positioned slightly off-centre, is a stone cross that is known as Chelsea War Memorial. Made of Portland stone, and designed by an unknown architect, the cross has a capped head on a tapered shaft above a moulded three stage octagonal base. A large bronze sword is affixed to its west face. The cross is surmounted on an inscribed plinth which recognises the sacrifices made by women in the First World War.

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