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Skylight Lantern Blinds


Skylight lantern blinds are an increasingly popular option as more and more people extend kitchens into dining rooms in single story extension and want to enjoy the benefits of natural light. Breakfast on a winter’s day can be a lovely experience in the morning sunlight especially if you can also stay warm as you nibble your toast.

The Deans Skylight lantern blind is a practical solution where a glass roof is too hot or too bright making rooms difficult to fully enjoy. The blind is always fully automated and can be supplied with either either anti glare screen fabric or opaque materials which will block out all light.

Operation of Deans skylight lantern blinds is simple with a quiet motors and remote control handsets, the signal is Radio (RTS) meaning just one push of the button and the signal will travel through walls, ceilings and doors.

It is also possible to link our skylight systems through integrated software modems such as that supplied by Lutron and you could even be able to control your blinds with your telephone or tablet.

For new builds we recommend you contact our contracts department early so that we can supply all the information necessary to allow wiring to be hidden in advance of construction

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