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Rooflight Blinds

Shy Zip® Blinds
Shy Zip® Blinds
Shy Zip® Blinds
 Gravity Shop Blinds

Skylight Lantern Blinds

Skylight Lantern Blinds are an ideal solution to enjoy the benefit of additional natural light in an expanded space. A perfect example is a kitchen that incorporates an open plan dining area with a glass roof. Your blinds will ensure the space doesn’t get too hot or too bright. To enable this, we can use either anti-glare screen fabric or if you prefer, opaque materials to block out the light entirely. The Skylight Lantern Blind is also fully automated powered by a quiet motor. It can be operated by just one push of your remote-control handset, sending out an RTS (radio) signal, that can travel through walls, ceilings and doors. It is also possible to link our Skylight systems through integrated software modems like Lutron allowing you to control your blinds from your mobile or tablet. For new builds we recommend you contact us early or in advance of the build, so we can supply all the required information to allow your wiring to be hidden.

Shy Zip® Blinds

SHY ZIP® blinds are flexible, easy to operate and extremely durable. The heart of the system is SHY®’s specially designed zipper ribbon, which is welded to the edges of the blind fabric to create a super-strong, flat, join. The zipper ribbon is securely held in a shaped plastic side channel, which allows the blind to run freely and quietly, but prevents any fabric from being pulled out of the channel. The zipper ribbon, the plastic channel and the edge of the blind are all contained within an elegant, slim, aluminium side channel. With all SHY ZIP® blinds, the hem bar of the blind is also permanently fixed to the fabric and a brush strip prevents light ingress when the blind runs into the optional bottom channel.

Gravity Drop Blind Systems

Our Gravity Drop Blind System can offer total blackout with a minimal and clean look, thanks to the high performance blackout fabric and fully enclosed aluminium hardware system. It features an extruded aluminium headbox and slim side channels, the blind fabric locked into the side channels using zip-edge technology which keeps the fabric taught at all times as it opens and closes. The aluminium profiles are powder coated in white or black as standard, or any other RAL colour to order. Headboxes and side channels are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the blind. The headbox and side channels are connected by steel legs to create a rigid frame. Universal profiles allow the frame to be fixed through the face, sides or top as required and all fixings are completely concealed. Fully blackout blinds can be operated manually via chain or crank handle, or motorised with many control options available. Motors with obstacle detection are also available for added safety.

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