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Plantation Shutters


Our illustrious plantation shutter collection is skilfully crafted to provide your home with an enduring sense of grandeur and sophistication. Custom made and built to last, let these classic shutters become a stunning architectural feature for your home.

A beautifully designed, architectural part of the home, with optimum light control and unrivalled privacy control. Plantation shutters are becoming anessential part of many homes.

As with any product the quality of a window shutter is determined by the materials used to produce it. For this reason we only use FSC grade wood and sustainably sourced UPVC for our fantastic range of bespoke interior window shutters.

We offer the best louvre and stile sizes available as it is these small individual derails which make all the difference to you getting the right shutter for your particular needs.

Our range of frame types are very large we have put them into 4 separate groups just to avoid any confusion. The diverse amount of frame options we offer gives you a variety of alternatives when it comes to us fitting your shutters. Also a point which is often missed is the hinges aesthetics which are a vital part of any window shutter. At Deans we have carefully chosen a variety of hinge colour options with removable pins for an easy and neat installation process.

The tilt mechanisms that we have available are intended to add style and functionality to the Deans range and we have 3 types of tilt mechanisms giving you a maximum choice.

Interior shutters, or Plantation shutters, are available in a wide range of styles, materials and finishes to suit virtually any window shape, size or style.

Our shutters have louvres which you can tilt to vary the amount of light entering the room and also provide the privacy you require. These louvres are available in a range of sizes. The shutters can also be hinged so that they fold back away from the window when not required. With shutters you can really have a bespoke product as it is possible to specify the paint or stain finish you require to complement or perhaps contrast with your decor.

Shutters can be made for sloping and shaped glazing and can even be used for conservatory roof shading. Solid shutters are also an option.

As a final point internal shutters do not use operating cords or chains they are an ideal form of shading for homes where children live or may visit.

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