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Markilux 879


Our under glass Markilux 879 awning system comes in numerous versions and can be up to 6.00 meters wide with a 4.00 meter extension. They can be fitted below the glazing with screen or solid fabric covers for solar control.

The Markilux 879 is installed under the glass of a sunroom or other support structure. It is ideal for shading large areas. When not needed, the fabric fully retracts into the protection of a small, sleek cassette to ensure maximum longevity. The M879 is available with tracfix which eliminates the gap between the fabric and guide tracks.

The awning is electrically operated and is equally suitable for going under conservatories as well as for large skylight lanterns for garden rooms and basements.

In order to combat heat and glare build up the markilux 879 can also be operated through automatic remote controls.


We believe using quality materials is a prerequisite in producing an outstanding end product.
• High grade hardwood timber to manufacture the boxes that the roller is housed in
• Hardwood is specially treated to offer maximum durability
• All steel-forged arms and bracketry are hand-crafted to match the exact curvature of an application


All these measures give the awning long-lasting resistance to the most torrid of weather conditions.
• Metalwork is powder coated
• Timberwork is hand‑treated
• Cloth fabric is solution-dyed for protection


The Markilux 879 awning system can be customised to maximise your branding.
• Hardwood can be stained or painted to a customers required specification
• Metalwork and fabric can be matched to any RAL colour
• Valance and finials available in many styles
• RAGS branding and pattern printing

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