Marlesbury awning at the Gonville Hotel, Cambridge

This  Marlesbury awning, installed here at the  Gonville hotel in Cambridge hasa number of features worth especial note. The awning box has been constructed in our Deco Box style with shaped end cheeks which were a particular feature of awnings in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The arms of the Marlesbury awning have been powder coated in our London factory in a finish which has been  matched to the elegant door handles of the entrance of the Wellness facility at this classic venue. These Marlesbury awnings are not the first of their type we have installed at The Gonville Hotel; recently we installed a smaller unit elsewhere on this building which was considered to be a great success. The awning is controlled by a simple crank and the slides fitted to the arms enable a convenient head clearance to be achieved.

The Gonville offers a truly unique experience in the heart of Cambridge. Located directly opposite the famous Parkers Piece, just a short walk from the many Colleges and Greens of the historic city. You can experience a “slice of Cambridge” that can be felt from the room decor right through to the opportunity of taking a complimentary ride or tour, in one of the Hotels classic coach-built Bentley’s.

Parker’s Piece is a 25-acre flat and roughly square green common located near the centre of Cambridge and is regarded by football aficionados as the birthplace of the rules of Association Football. The two main walking and cycling paths across it run diagonally, and the single lamp-post at the junction is popularly known as Reality Checkpoint.  The Cambridge University Football Club Laws were first used on Parker’s Piece and adopted by the Football Association in 1863. Significant figures at the time were E.C. Morley and C.W.Adcock who were also main participants in the founding of the FA cup.