Markilux awnings to reduce workplace temperatures

This Markilux 990 model  retractable  awning  is a compact awning system. Perfect to face fix or top fix. The small size and weight are due to the smart u-shaped front profile which encompasses neatly both the folding arms and roller tube: the markilux 990 is an ideal solution for balcony or a series of fenestration. The Markilux 990  awning is available up to a maximum width of 500 cm. The maximum extension is 300 cm.

This Markilux 990 installation, installed on a first floor series of offices for an International Finance organisation, features the optional electric control and a special RAL 5215 powder coated finish.

Outdoor shading is an essential part of a work place  energy saving strategy and awnings are a ideal carbon friendly, cost effective, way to reduce solar gain and control glare.  The role of an awning is to provide the flexibility to regulate the amount of solar energy that reaches the workplace, through the glass. Awnings reduce the potential for solar energy to be converted into radiant heat in the office thus providing a more pleasant and efficient place to be. The flexibility of retractable awnings allows for the benefits of winter sun to be felt but limiting the solar gain in summer.

Considerable air conditioning savings may be made as the reduction to inside temperatures by installing external awnings can be up to 30%. Call us and ask for a free survey so that we can help you to improve your workplace environment and reduce costs.