Markilux 8800 solves heat gain challenge

The Markilux 8800 awning was the perfect solution to the challenge presented to us by this residential project  on the top floor of a luxury domestic property in Marylebone, Central London. The problem the client was experiencing was excess glare to the rooms below the skylights and, in some ways even more important, was the need to reduce the extreme solar gain when full sun shone on to the glazed areas. Skylight lanterns fixed internally would have solved the glare issues but shading fitted under glass has only a limited effect on the reduction of internal heat gain. It was decided therefore that the installation of the Markilux 8800 external shading system would solve both issues. The Markilux 8800 is an award winning awning designed for the covering of large areas of glass but, in fact, any  areas up to 36 square metres can be covered in a single unit. The two independent unique gas pistons which open and close the awning ensure a maximum cover tension; essential for the maintenance the tension level required..

There is a Tracfix system side zipped channel  for secure lateral fabric guidance and the whole is finished off with a  stylish round cassette which protects the cover in the closed position. Both the guide tracks and cover cassette are finished in weather  resistant polyester powder coating which is available in a number of colours and finish types, including metallic effects.

Access for this particular site presented its own special challenges but our specially trained engineers were able to accomplish the job efficiently and safely with the assistance of appropriate access equipment. The awnings were wired into the main domestic circuit but all switching is wirelessly controlled by an automated system which can be over ridden by the client for total personal control.

Fabrics for the Markilux 8800 can be chosen from our huge range of over 300 colourways and special metallic screen materials can be specified in certain situations.

A further use for which this awning is frequently put is to provide shading for conservatories and other types of external glass rooms which are becoming more popular.