Expert Awning Craftsmanship – Made in Britain

Deans Blinds is located in Sutton with its manufacturing base in London. Producing many of the UK’s awnings and canopies, each one is made unique and custom designed for every client.

Awning Manufacurer

As a British manufacturer, we are expert in the design of one-of-a-kind awnings and canopies that are tailored to meet highly specific requirements. Although we still rely on traditional techniques for some aspects of our work, the use of modern computer-aided design technology enables us to create advanced awning systems and aluminium canopy frames that are customised to the client’s needs to their bespoke architectural structures.

Deans – London’s original blindmakers since 1894

Deans of Putney have a history that spans three centuries as the leading UK manufacturer and installer of blinds and awnings. The company was founded in London by a policeman’s son, Tom Dean, in 1894 and was later taken over by his brother John. John Dean started out making canvas bags, which were in great demand as water carriers by the British forces across the Victorian Empire, especially in South Africa during the Boer War.

Between the two world wars, Deans established a reputation across the UK as major blindmakers. Deans were also well known in football, with the then owner being chairman of local football club Fulham during their inter-war heyday. Read More

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