Edition® fabric featured on Tampopo Awnings

Edition® is an Award winning, bespoke, awning branding system which allows for the creation of, highly detailed, awning graphics to be created and applied in a range of colours limited only by the Pantone colour chart. In the case of the new awning covers we have installed at the Tampopo East Asian Restaurant in Fitzfrovia, London, not only is the branding bespoke, but the entire cover has been created using the Edition® graphics process. 

The retractable commercial awnings the customer already had installed were mechanically sound. However, with a new, branded, covers in place the restaurant frontage has been given such a lift that visitors believe it is a whole new awning system which has been installed.

Edition® Fabric
Deans Blinds proudly presents Edition® Fabric, a groundbreaking fabric that revolutionises the world of awning covers. With Edition® Fabric, we can create highly customised awning covers in any colour or pattern you desire.Read More

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