Deans Victorian awning with Rags® branding

The Deans Victorian awning has been manufactured by us in much the same way as it was when the company was founded in 1894. Using the very same traditional manufacturing methods, improved over time, the Deans Victorian awning is not just a replica, it is “the real thing”. Constructed from environmentally harvested hard woods, the Deans Victorian awning meets the demands of the most exacting requirements of a designer wanting authenticity, or of a town planning department determined to keep their commercial environment safe from the march of unacceptable modernity

Today, our Victorian awnings have been subtly brought up to date by our pioneering methods of branding and graphic application through the means of our RAGS® design and application process. On this installation for Lily’s Cheesecakes in Newport there were quite specific design and colour requirements specified by the client and only through the means of this process were we able to meet the challenge. Firstly, the client was insistent that we use a special non-standard rose gold colour for the lettering and there had to be stripes on the cover in a particular shade of pink. None of these requirements were possible with standard traditional awning fabrics and hand painting the rose gold delicate graphics would have been outside the range of even the most talented hand signwriter.

Through the means of RAGS® all these special demands were met and the final result was set off by the traditional awning arms which were powder coated to match in our London factory. Lastly, the hardwood lath and tacker was carefully hand painted in environmentally sound water-based paint, rather than the rather unpleasant lead based variety used in years gone by.

Prior to final construction our Design Team created digital renderings for the client to approve and these renderings enabled them to know precisely how the finished article would look.

Lily’s Cheesecakes are located at 442 Chepstow Road, Beechwood, NP198JG. They have limited seating which welcomes customers and takeaway is available on all of their products including, an array of delicious desserts, hot drinks, milkshakes and soft drinks. When you enter the shop it will make you feel like you’re in a pink paradise, with the added plus you can enjoy the best cheesecakes in Newport!