Deans Blinds Historic Awnings Archive

Although Deans’ history extends back to the 1890’s we thought we’d post some slightly newer awning memories from the ‘80s and ’90’s, recently found in our archives. Many of the awnings and canopies you see here are still in fine mechanical condition and have only required new fabric covers over the years. Commercial awnings from Deans are built to last and, with considerate use and little maintenance, will last for many years.

Deans’ awnings and canopies are all clearly branded on the frames, and if your business is lucky enough to have one, we look forward to the opportunity to renovate it. By incorporating our cutting edge branding techniques even the oldest awning frames can be made to look brand new.

Entrance Canopy Deans
Deans Canopy
Bespoke Canopies KFC
Deans Blinds Vintage
Hotel Canopies Deans
Scalloped Canopy Deans

Our History
Deans history spans three centuries as the leading UK manufacturer and installer of blinds and awnings.

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