Deans Shop-Blind

We first started crafting our Deans Shop Blind in 1894. It has gone on to become an icon on the British high street, instantly recognised all over the world. Back in the 19th century, the Deans shop blind, also referred to as the Victorian awning was recognised as the perfect product for the variable British weather and is still the only awning that may be confidently used in all but the most severe weather conditions.

It is Manufactured in our own London factory by expert craftsmen; in the same manner it was in Victorian times over 120 years ago. The timeless design means that it fits well in both classic and contemporary settings. This stylish awning has superb durability and provides great branding options to ensure your business has a professional and stylish fascia.

Deans still craft the wooden Victorian awning boxes in traditional style in their South London traditional carpentry shop. The boxes are constructed from hardwood source from approved harvested forests and receive a primer, followed by an undercoat and appropriate coats of hand applied high grade environmentally safe paint.

Special orders are taken for timber in specific woods e.g. oak, if required.

Black iron awning arms are formed by our own engineers to follow the contours of the building; these link the Shop blind to the wall via cast iron sockets called “Canons”. There are various ways of operating the awning including automated control.

We have the knowledge and skills to replicate any awning from a Victorian or Edwardian era to provide an authentic finish  to a serious restoration project on shop, restaurant or even a special private house.

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