Pratic Terrace Awning

Conventionally, retractable awnings are suitable for use in mild, clement weather conditions with the primary purpose of reducing heat via solar gain and glare.  In recent years, however, demand for more flexible outside areas has meant that new all weather terrace awnings systems have been developed. These are designed  to  withstand the rigours of the European climate yet also be completely retractable in fine weather.

In partnership with Pratic of Italy Deans have been responsible for introducing a range of all weather terrace awnings into the UK. These have  quickly found their place in numerous environments including restaurants and other leisure industries, schools, universities, nurseries and  even residential applications.

The Pratic all weather terrace  awning systems can be free standing or linked to a building and are available with fully retractable covers or with a slatting system for allowing varying degrees of shade whilst providing complete rain protection when required.

Numerous options are available such as lighting, heating, side screens and the integral fully motorised operating system can be linked to most modern central control wireless devices using Lutron or similar functions.

Deans work very closely with their Italian partners and our installers have been trained by the factory in Italy. Where required it is possible for us to provide project drawing and the facility for producing complete project renders as available at modest cost.

Our range of  all weather awnings has been specifically designed to provide  protection in all but the worst of weather conditions and the integral gutters systems will allow rain runoff to whichever side is specified.  Whilst the awning should not be left extended in snow it will withstand wind speeds up to Force 9 on the Beaufort scale in the extended position.

For the latest variant of the all weather terrace awning system please see the  latest variant, the Opera, which can be found at this link.

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