Medi Folding arm Awning

The Medi Folding-arm is a semi-cassetted awning with a smooth design and elegant contour. Attractively shaped, it is the perfect solution for any commercial or residential property. Suitable to cover large areas, this awning provides optimal shelter against heat and harmful UV-radiation. The Medi comes with a protective hood and a strong, robust lath. The dynamically rounded coverboard gives the awning the appearance of being fully cassetted.

The Medi Folding-Arm Awning is fully customisable. There is a wide range of colours for the cover fabric which we can further customise using our unique RAGS branding process. For opening and closing operations, the Classic provides two options, can be either electric via a hand held or wall mounted remote control or manual via winding handle.
The Medi can also come with weather sensitive sensors.

Definitely an optimal choice.

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