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Heating and Lighting

Lighting options can be added to most of our awning systems and we can recommend a suitable combination for the individual system selected. Lighting is invariably of the low voltage LED type which gives maximum output for minimum power consumption.

Adding infra-red heaters to your awning, all weather awning or giant umbrella can enhance and lengthen the time your customers can spend outside. The awnings we recommend are directional infra-red heaters which use up to 30% less energy than gas or quartz radiating heaters.

Our infra-red heaters ensure warm temperatures in the evening and even on days when the summer is hiding. Enveloping warmth and subdued lighting are combined stylishly in the Markilux hotspot integrated system.

• Comfortable warmth with no heating up phase and a pleasing lighting effect at the same time.
• An attractive, unobtrusive housing design in aluminium, powder coated to match the colour of your Markilux awning.
• The housing is weather and splash proof (IP 24) – the heater can stay in place all year round.
• Save as much as 30% on energy costs in comparison with gas or quartz radiating heaters.
• Available with remote control.
• Average lamp life approximately 5,000 hours.
• Power output optionally in 1400 W or 2000 W.
• Environmentally friendly: no CO2 emissions.

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