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Deans Blinds has been established since 1894 as manufacturers of Blinds and Awnings, particularly in London. Founded by John Dean, a policeman’s son, Deans started by making canvas products, especially shop blinds, but also made tropical water bags which were in great demand by the British forces during various actions across the Empire and in particular in South Africa during the Boer War.

Today the Company is highly regarded in the industry and has a number of significant clients including Soho House, Mitchells and Butlers, KFC, Youngs, Coca Cola, Itsu and LEAs and Government Departments. Deans played a significant part in the development of the Blinds Industry in the UK and in the past we have been represented  on the BBSA as President and  Hon Treasurer . We maintain our representation  on the Managing Committee to this day.

Whilst we retain many of the core traditional skills of the past Deans have worked hard to keep up with modern technological changes by introducing CAD into our product and graphic design processes. Increasingly, electronics have been applied to the management of our many automated solar control systems which are becoming an integral part of intelligent building design. .

Key any of the sections below to find out our latest news our history, policies and our latest news.

We are proud at Deans of the  awards which we have achieved for our Health and Safety practises, our Training and Employment award, our Environmental policy and our founder Membership of the British Blinds and Shutters Association – all reasons why Deans are trusted for quality and customer commitment.

Some of the certificates are shown below

Awnings are a three dimensional product which can influence the appearance and ambience of a building. At Deans we have products suitable for modern, contemporary buildings as well as for more  traditional facades which require the sympathetic touch of our more traditional products.

For commercial organisations our Design Team can recreate corporate logos and even, at modest cost, accurately produce renders on your own building to show what the final result will be.


The environment at Deans is demonstrated by  our commitment to using materials which are obtained only from licenced sources and the minimum use of our own energy in manufacture.  However, the environment can also be affected by the products we supply.

External awnings can reduce interior temperatures by up to 33% and internal blinds by as much as 20% meaning that costs and energy consumption of air-conditioning systems are markedly reduced. The use of screening fabrics will reduce glare and enhance the living or working environment providing comfort and a greater human efficiency possibility.


In this section we show you some unique and interesting uses of our products beyond the conventional. We have installed awnings and blinds on schools, roof blinds over swimming pools, retractable systems to racing car transporters, high level blinds to  places of worship, screens for museums among many others.

We are also able to use our technical expertise to overcome difficult installation situations such as overhanging gutters or even when there is no substrate to which to fit the awning at all

We also  give advice on the use of products in this section. A link to our FAQ page may be found here

Under this heading you can see all the latest jobs we are proud to show off. This section is kept up to date and is designed to show you what the current trends are and to give you ideas for your own projects.

If you have a new installation we have recently installed and have pictures – please send them to us and we will gladly feature them on the site with a reciprocal link to your own business.


Policies tell you a lot about a company and are an indication of their social as well as business commitment and ethics. Here you can find third party evidence of our achievements in the field of Quality, Training, the environment, Equality and Health and Safety