Bespoke Greenwich® Awnings Renovated on Mayfairs’ Savile Row

Our bespoke awning branding ability is something which Deans is especially proud of; Cad & The Dandy bespoke tailor in Saville Row shares our claim to providing a truly unique service. The two bespoke Greenwich® awnings which we had installed a few years ago required renovation and the new Hunter green bespoke awning fabric covers are branded in the client’s own classic style.

Prior to manufacture, scaled renderings of the shop awnings were provided for approval; ensuring the end result met all client expectations. The site is accessed over a sunken stairwell and a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement was prepared to safely accomplish the Greenwich® shop awning installation.

Digital Awning Visuals & 3D Modelling

At Deans Blinds, we understand the importance of creating visuals to show how your awning will enhance your establishment’s frontage. That is why we offer 3D visual mock-ups of your project. Read More

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