Bespoke canopy for Rev JW Simpson

Bespoke canopies or awnings are something that Deans really look forward to tackling and this bespoke canopy in a wedge style is particularly unusual. Rather than the usual fabric covered RIBĀ® framing system we constructed this bespoke canopy entirely from aluminium.  It is still light but remarkably strong and able to withstand virtually anything our climate can throw at it. The frame and facing panel is powder coated for resistance to weathering; which process has been carried out in our own powder coating facility in London.  Bespoke Awning and canopy system solutions are a trademark of Deans  and we have been addressing solar control and Presence Marketing challenges for clients since our beginnings in the 19th Century.  If you have an idea or, indeed, just an idea about an idea give us a call as we are sure to have tackled something similar in the past and will be please to share our experience.

The Reverend JW Simpson is a cosy cocktail bar in Fitzrovia with a quirky design, offering an insight into the life of the former inhabitant. Offering an entirely seated service and with a seasonal menu featuring a combination of incredible ingredients and inventive presentation, Reverend JW Simpson is the go-to spot for date night, as well as offering a perfect environment for catching up with friends. The name of this cocktail bar is in homage to a former resident at this address, The Reverend JW Simpson of the parish of Fitzrovia, who occupied the flat until 1986.

The name of this street comes from John Goodge who obtained Crab Tree Field by marriage in 1718 and his sons Francis and William developed the land from around 1746 onwards. During the Second World War the government built a deep shelter linked to Goodge Street station, part of which was made available to General Eisenhower as his operational headquarters for D-Day. After the war the army used the shelter as a transit centre until it was damaged by fire in 1956.