Bespoke canopies for Vixen & Blush, Marylebone

These two bespoke canopies at Vixen and Blush, the specialist hair extension salon, are some of the many bespoke canopies located at Facebook’s Headquarters on Rathbone Place, Marylebone, London. Vixen and Blush’s canopies required specialised renovation after a long period of outdoor exposure.

Each of these bespoke canopies were far removed from any standard system and required careful study by our Design Team. Using advanced CAD design technologies, our in-house manufacturers precisely recreated the original fabrication methods employed in creating these bespoke canopies. At Deans Blinds we have invested in our London factory, enabling us to design and manufacture in-house bespoke canopies and awning for all requirements.

Digital Awning Visuals & 3D Modelling

At Deans Blinds, we understand the importance of creating visuals to show how your awning will enhance your establishment’s frontage. That is why we offer 3D visual mock-ups of your project. Read More

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