Awning graphics by Deans

Recovering commercial awnings with new awning graphics is a valuable service which Deans offer to all new and existing customers. Recovering commercial awnings is a cost effective way of preserving your existing awning by changing  the appearance  or even creating a completely new logo or text  or colour update when circumstances demand. This example at the new Sugarsin shop in Brighton shows just how well we can deal with complex graphics on to awning fabrics. The overlapping strips and logo on the awning graphics of this Deans Shop Blind awning cover stretched our designers to the maximum but the end result is colourful and strikingly accurate.

SugarSin was born from a lifelong passion for all things sweet, with a dream to create a modern Willy Wonka Factory filled with the world’s most fabulous sweets.  The first shop was opened in  Covent Garden, which has been named as one of the world’s most beautiful candy shops by Architectural Digest. All their  fabulous sweets are packed with love, shine and excitement. Now there is also a Sugarsin in Brighton so a trip to the seaside need not necessarily just be for the traditional fish and chips supper.

Duke Street is one entrance to the Lanes, the popular name for the Old Town of Brighton. The famous cricket family, the Wisdens, had a sports shop here for many years. It is now a street of high fashion shops and fancy bars. Victorian horse-buses were diverted up this street because North Street was too steep. This created traffic congestion so the northern part of the street was demolished in a 1870s road-widening scheme. That’s why there are two distinct sides to this street. On one side, there are older bow-fronted buildings, all of different heights. On the other, you can see a uniform terrace of much bigger white Victorian stucco buildings.