Awareness of risks to health when homes overheat

10 August 2018

Deans Blinds are raising awareness of the risks relating to overheating in homes and offering advice on how to keep cool in the heatwave.

Deans Blinds are a member of the British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA), who have spent several years analysing overheating in British homes. According to research, some 20% of homes across the UK are prone to overheating.

The BBSA and London South Bank University teamed up to monitor some newly renovated London flats over several weeks to find out the true extent of overheating and the results were truly shocking.

A room with no blinds reached an absolutely scorching 47.5C, which is hotter than an average day in Death Valley, California – better known as the hottest place on earth! However, the study interestingly showed that a room with blinds fitted on the outside reduced temperatures by up to 18C and the one with blinds fitted inside the room was reduced by up to 14C.

Andrew Chalk, Director of Operations at the British Blind and Shutter Association says:

‘Keeping cool is important to maintaining health and wellbeing and it’s much harder to cool a room down than it is to keep it cool in the first place. Getting advice from a BBSA member what fabrics and styles would work best in your building is the best way to ensure you are maximising the effect blinds and shutters can have on reducing heat.’

Not only does heat make it uncomfortable to sleep and relax – overheating can also have unfortunate and even dangerous side effects. Vulnerable people such as children and the elderly are particularly at risk of experiencing heat related illnesses and for the general population, it has been proven that productivity and even exam results can be affected by working and living in higher temperatures.

Deans Blinds work with homeowners and businesses to provide advice and products to help keep buildings cooler in hot weather and help you be more comfortable.

Find out more about how Blinds and Awnings can help you with your overheating issues by calling us today.