Author: Deans Admin

Simplicity with style at Johns of Instow

Author: Deans Admin | Date: 17 Apr 2021

Our awning installations are often quite dazzling in their complexity and competitors  ask themselves – just how did Deans do that? However, on occasion, a job is completed even we take a step back ourselves and just say “wow!” This installation of four Deans Greenwich commercial awnings at the Johns […]

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Recovering the awnings at Northern Goldsmiths

Author: Deans Admin | Date: 12 Apr 2021

The recovering of awnings is a cost effective way of giving your awning a fresh look and return it to the pristine appearance it had when first installed. A perfect example can be seen on this installation at the beautiful Northern Goldsmiths building in Newcastle. The recovering of awnings is […]

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Awnings refurbishment at Le Pont de la Tour

Author: Deans Admin | Date: 30 Mar 2021

The renovation  and recovering of awnings is an essential element of the service Deans offer to their customers. A perfect example of this is the awning installation seen at Pont de la Tour restaurant, located on the Thames with stunning views of Tower Bridge.  Le Pont de la Tour have […]

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RIB® Bespoke Umbrella canopy

Author: Deans Admin | Date: 20 Mar 2021

This bespoke RIB® umbrella style canopy at Dawkes Music in Maidenhead is significant – not only for its large size – over nine meters long. It is the fact that the exceptional length meant that the canopy  had to be constructed in three separate sections, for transport, and reassembled on […]

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Traditional Deans Awnings at The Roebuck

Author: Deans Admin | Date: 13 Mar 2021

Deans Traditional Awnings, installed here at the Roebuck, are a perfect complement to our history. The beautiful building was constructed on Great Dover Street in the 1890’s at about the same time as John Dean was establishing his blinds business, Deans Blinds of Putney. The four awnings follow the same […]

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Traditional awnings with Junction covers

Author: Deans Admin | Date: 08 Mar 2021

Fitting junction covers to  Deans Traditional Awnings, when installed in multiple units, is the craftsman’s way of ensuring continuous cover to patrons socialising outside in fair or less fair weather. These six Deans Traditional Awnings which we have installed on the sophisticated 108 Brasserie on Welbeck Street, Marylebone, have all […]

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