Architecturally Harmonious – Awnings & Canopies Designed by Deans

Awnings are increasingly recognised as fundamental components by architects in the construction of new buildings due to their ability to cool interiors without requiring extensive air conditioning systems. This has become a prevalent trend in recent times because awnings not only provide shade to the building’s interiors but also reduce the amount of heat that enters the building.

As a result, these shading systems have potential to conserve energy and reduce electricity costs. Hence, their use has become popular in the construction industry.

Awnings are sometimes used in building design to add a softening effect to harsh facades. This is in addition to their primary purpose of providing shade.
Colour is a budget-friendly way to enhance an unremarkable appearance, and the fabric can be replaced cost-effectively in the future.

Awning Builder

Our awning builder tool allows you to select from the fabric, wood and metalwork options in our ranges – be bold! Read More

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