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Deans Shop Awnings and Blinds

Deans Shop Awnings and Blinds

We first began crafting the Deans Traditional Shop Blind in 1894. Since then it has gone on to become an icon of the British High Street, instantly recognised all over the world. In the 19th century the Deans Traditional Shop Blind, also referred to as the Victorian Awning, was widely considered the perfect product for the variable British weather and is still the only awning that may be confidently used in all but the most severe weather conditions.

Whilst many inferior imitations of this awning have come and gone over the years, the Deans Traditional Shop Blind has continued to be traditionally manufactured in our London factory by expert craftsmen, drawing on the same skills and knowledge used in Victorian times over 120 years ago.

The timeless, unique and striking design of this beautiful awning means it sits equally well in both classic and contemporary settings. This and its long proven functionality mean it has not gone unnoticed outside of the UK either, with demand coming from across mainland Europe to as far away as Mumbai.

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