Christmas wishes from Deans

Quite apart from their practical advantages of  solar control to provide cooling of interiors,  awnings and canopies can act as a focal point to show the entrance to a building. The aesthetic impact of an awning or canopy can also be used to signpost a customer by the application of branding and this is uniquely achieved by the application of graphics using our RAGS® system of graphic application.

In certain circumstances awnings can be used to emphasis particular occasions such as business anniversaries or different seasons and these examples show how two of our customers have used their awnings and canopies to accentuate the festive nature of their own particular  Christmas season.  The two examples shown, at Hamleys, the famous toy shop and  Mappin and Webb on Regent Street, show the excitement and desire  these two famous retailers respectively generate and help to make their customers shopping experiences special at this time of year.

Christmas is not the only time to gain advantage from your awning. On really special occasions , such as significant anniversaries, or when there is a special product launch, your awning can be recovered, for the period of time the occasion is relevant, in colours or a design to reflect a special period in the life of your business.

However, getting back to the main event at this time of year, London is once again putting on a great show to help alleviate the spectre of Covid currently causing distress to many.  A sparkling array of Christmas lights have burst into colour all over London. From the bottom of Oxford Street, to the middle of Trafalgar Square, and all the way to the top of The Shard – London boasts some of the best Christmas lights in the world. A tour of these attractions is a must to generate some extra cheer into your world. Regent Street started off the lights tradition back in the 1950’s, and this year the famous angels are once again flying above Regent Street drawing inspiration from the street’s very first display.

We take this opportunity to  wish all our customers the very best for Christmas and for a happy, prosperous and healthy 2021.

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