RIB® Wedge canopies at Bagatelle

Wedge canopies, as constructed by Deans, employ a bespoke construction method  based on our RIB® system of manufacture; a process  which is unique to us. The extreme rigidity of RIB® wedge canopies is made possible by the incorporation of  light weight, aluminium, profiles fitted together without the use of degradable plastic parts; this technique ensures exceptional resistance to weathering and high torsional strength.  The wedge canopies on this installation at Bagatelle are an excellent example of how out particular method of construction permits an extremely long width of canopy, in one piece, with no sign of frame deflection.

Additionally, close inspection of the right hand elevation shows that our technicians have carefully sculpted the framework to fit within the irregular face of the shop front to present a neat, finished, appearance. Wedge canopies are a modern design of commercial canopy benefitting from a rigid structure and the opportunity for simple, yet clear, branding on the flat surfaces and valance. On this particular installation the logo on the ends of the canopy has been applied in exquisite detail through the employment of our RAGS® branding process which has ensured a clarity of design unobtainable with other branding systems.

Bagatelle London is a contemporary French restaurant which opened its doors in May 2018, bringing this exclusive New York dining destination to the heart of Central London. The Bagatelle London menu combines French Mediterranean cuisine with local ingredients and taste that takes customers to the heart of Bagatelle’s culinary identity. Combining chic and daring with its classic decor and architecture, lively music and relaxed atmosphere; a combination that gives you the impression of having popped across the channel and enjoyed all that is French, just for the day.

Dover Street in Mayfair, London  is notable for its Georgian architecture as well as the location of historic London clubs and hotels, which have been frequented by world leaders and historic figures in the arts. It also hosts a number of contemporary art galleries. An equestrian sculpture by Elisabeth Frink stands on the junction of Dover Street and Piccadilly, opposite the Ritz Hotel.

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