Deans traditional shop blinds, Jonathan Tuckey Design

Deans traditional shop blinds have been made in pretty much the same way since we first started back in the late nineteenth century however today we are able to take advantage of some modern technology without compromising the traditional look which our clients value. The hard wood awning boxing and front lath is carefully hand painted, as it was back then but now we use environmentally sound water-based paint rather than the rather unpleasant lead based variety used by our forebears. The metal work of Deans traditional shop blinds  is also treated differently and we take advantage of our very own powder coating plant to finish this part of the awning in a high impact, durable, blemish free way. Three centuries ago customers had the choice of raw cotton duck in cream, or cream! Now, however, we have a range of over 300 fabric colours to choose from and all are treated to be soil and UV resistant. In the 1800’s graphics was just hand applied paint in black but today our sophisticated RAGS® branding process permits accurate logo reproduction in and endless variety of hues.

Jonathan Tuckey Design are located in Milsom Road, West Kensington but do not confine their work just to the local area nor even to the UK. They have worked on commercial and domestic projects in areas as diverse as the United States, South America and also most of Europe. From concept through to completion in residential and commercial fields the Design team specialise in the challenges of working with listed building and within conservation areas.

Originally  ‘West Kensington’ was called North End and a bridge was planned to go over the railway to link it with Cromwell Road. The bridge went so far over budget that the partners who built it went out of business in 1885 and it was not completed. However, the campaign for the bridge was taken up by local residents and the West Cromwell Road bridge was eventually commenced in 1938 and opened in 1942.

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